Discover the Root Cause of Your Thyroid Symptoms!

Thyroid Symptom Overload?
How to Put an End to Your Frustration, Confusion, and Overwhelm
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • Some 20 Million Americans have a thyroid problem. And with insufficient production of essential thyroid hormones, your metabolism operates at a subpar level - leaving you tired and fatigued, depressed, and putting on unwanted weight, if you work out. In this 72-page book you will discover....
  •  Why so many thyroid symptoms can be so elusive.....Page 19
  •  The biggest reason why women with thyroid symptoms never feel better.....Page 49
  •  Diagnosed with Hashimotos or Graves? Take these important steps immediately.....Page 23
  •  What to do if you had your thyroid removed and still have symptoms.....Page 31
  •  Why conventional blood tests often come back normal even when you do not feel "normal".....Page 36
  •  What to do when you hae both hypo and hyperthyroid symptoms at the same time.....Page 6
  •  "Lost 17 pounds"
  • I not only feel so much beter, but people are noticing the 17 pounds I have already lost.  I have so much more energy and m finally sleeping.
  • Marilyn G., MI

  •  "Down 4 pant sizez in 9 weeks"
  • I feel like a completely new person.  I am down 34 pounds, 36 inches, and a total of 4 pant sizes in just 9 short weeks.  I couldn't be happier."
  • Chelsea H., NY

  •  "Healthy new hair growth!"
  • I found foods that i was sensitive to; I have been avoiding them and I feel fantastic.  My hair stylist told me my fly-away hairs are actually healthy new hair growth!"
  • Ronnette R., NY

  •  "The most energy I've had in months"
  • This is the most energy I have had in months.  I have energy left over, even after working a busy craft show.  Even my thoughts seem clearer.  Thank you.
  • Tamera T., IN
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