Uncover the Root Cause of Your Symptoms!
Discover why Johns Hopkins calls “one-size-fits-all” medicine “a thing of the past!”
“Just give me 7 days, and I’ll design a personalized health solution 
Based on your unique body chemistry -- to help you:
  •  Increase your energy.
  • ​Sleep soundly through the night. 
  •  Super-charge your immune system. 
  • ​Improve your mood. 
  •  Enhance memory. 
  • ​Aid digestion to banish gas and constipation. 
  •  Lose weight and shed belly fat. 
  • ​Lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. 
  •  Balance your blood sugar.” 
          --Dr. Kevin Augustine
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3 Foods You Should Never, Ever Eat!
Dear Health-Minded Reader:
  •  Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?
  • ​ Of not having enough energy, vitality, and stamina?
  • ​ Of gaining weight – and having thunder thighs, a big butt, or a muffin top?
  • ​ Or of losing lean muscle mass, body definition, and physical strength?
  • ​ And are you frustrated and fed up with yo-yo diets … spending money on expensive off-the-shelf supplements that don’t work … and endless doctors’ exams and blood tests … 

…none of which ever seem to get to the heart of what’s making you ill -- or how to get well again?
If so, I have good news for you!

It’s a breakthrough discovery from the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital – which was ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the #1 hospital in the United States for 21 consecutive years.

The experts at Hopkins recently proclaimed...

“One-size-fits-all medication may soon be a thing of the past.”

In this report, you will discover why traditional “one-size-fits-all” medicine may be failing you…

How to get off the treadmill of constant doctor visits and exams that yield no solution or discernible health improvements…

And how an innovative alternative to conventional medicine can now make you energetic, healthy, happy, and well again – with a personalized health solution tailored to your unique body chemistry.
3 Million Reasons Why The New “Personalized
Health Care” Can Change Your Life!
So what’s the big idea that Hopkins is so excited about?

It’s the rather obvious…but unfortunately largely overlooked truth…that we’re all unique – which is why the almost universal “cookie-cutter” approach to medicine has largely failed us.

Here’s why…

When you look at human biology, you quickly realize that it would be virtually impossible, even with more than 7 billion people on Earth, for any two individuals to have the exact same body chemistry.

You’re special. One of a kind, biologically speaking. There is no one quite like you.

This begs the question: Since no two individuals share identical physiology, why does big pharma and orthodox medicine treat all of us as if we were exactly the same?
We now know that every human being has a unique genetic makeup, called the “genome.” It consists of a staggering 3 billion “nucleotide pairs.”

On average, the genetic makeup between one person and another varies only slightly…by just one-tenth of one percent.

However, given we each have 3 billion nucleotide pairs, that 0.1% variation means we each have 3 million nucleotide pairs that are different than anyone else’s!

Now as you may know, our genes are responsible for controlling all of the thousands of biological processes in our body.

These biochemical reactions include everything from converting glucose into energy and manufacturing complex proteins…to DNA repair and electron transport.
Yet, conventional medicine completely ignores the 3 million genetic differences between us! And this may be why you are still searching for solutions to eliminate your chronic symptoms – and haven’t found them yet.

For instance, we all take pretty much the same prescription medications … and the same vitamins and dietary supplements…for the same conditions…bought right off the shelf at the same drug-store chains.

Yet our genes, our physiology – and our body’s responses to food sensitivities, allergies, and other stresses – are different for each person!

My patients ask me, “Dr. Augustine, if everyone’s body chemistry is special, don’t we each then require a unique, personalized health plan to address our individual needs?”
Well, both Johns Hopkins and I believe that personalized medicine is where health care is headed -- and needs to be!

And we’re not the only ones…

>> A Harvard Medical School article affirms that an individual’s genetic makeup directly affects how that person metabolizes specific medications.

>> The world-renown Mayo Clinic has coined the term “individualized medicine” to describe the process they advocate for developing personalized health solutions based on genetic testing.

>> And a recent article in Popular Science suggests that genetic testing can help doctors better diagnose and treat their patients.

AT LAST ........ Your “Individualized Health Plan” Awaits You!
When health professionals and their patients understand each person’s special body chemistry is one-of-a-kind, they can better tailor your care to the specific ways our cells and organs handle toxins… bacteria …viruses…allergies…food sensitivities… radiation …chronic illness…DNA damage…and more.
Just consider the many benefits you can enjoy with a personalized health plan based on your unique body chemistry:
  •  More energy.
  • ​ Less fatigue. 
  • ​ Improved memory. 
  • ​ Enhanced cognition.
  • ​Optimal joint support. 
  • ​ Weight loss. 
  • ​ Banishes inflammation. 
  • ​ Maintain lean muscle mass.
  • ​ And much more... 
But to tailor your diet and health regimen to your specific personal biochemistry requires a whole-body profile of how well all your systems are functioning both separately and together. It is only with this systemic analysis can we designed a personalized plan to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.
So how do we unlock the secrets to great health hidden in your personal body chemistry? Read on for the exciting details of an important -- and easy -- test you can take at home that can give you the keys to a lifetime of good health and wellness...

Conventional  Testing is NOT The Answer!
Evaluating your body chemistry through some sort of testing and specific health assessment is the first step toward building a plan of individualized health care.
One that that can keep you well for many decades…while preventing inflammation that can trigger diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular illness, and other chronic conditions that occur as we get older.
But how many times has this happened? You don’t feel well. Your doctor gives you a blood test. When the results come back, he tells you, “Everything’s normal.” Yet you still feel sick. So he hasn’t really found an answer to your health challenge. And neither have you.
As for the genetic testing that many people turn to today, a complete battery of comprehensive genetic testing (not the low-cost, non-medical tests designed just to trace your ancestry) can easily run up to $2,000 or more…and it could take up to several months before you get the results.
But even worse, with commercially available genetic testing, accuracy is also an issue...

CBS News reports, “Genetic testing is not as rock solid as many people believe, with flaws that result in some people wrongly advised to worry and others wrongly told they can relax.
In 17% of cases where genetic testing of a patient has been done by multiple labs, the two labs interpreted the findings differently – an error rate of nearly one test in every six. Yikes!
I know many people – my patients, my colleagues and their patients, relatives, friends, and maybe even you…want better and more accurate results -- faster, with greater confidence, and at a fraction of the cost of standardized genetic tests.
And that’s where my popular “DNA Uprint” can help. Read below for more information or just click here to order now
Take These 3 Easy Steps to Better Health Today!
STEP #1     DNA Uprint Test
Send for my DNA Uprint Test Kit. When you click the link below, we’ll rush you your DNA Uprint Test Kit in a plain white wrapper to ensure privacy.
                                                        Send my DNA Uprint Test Kit Now!

Just follow our simple instructions. Complete the quick and easy test. It takes just 23 minutes.

Then, send your completed test back to us in its original package. We even include a return pre-addressed label for shipping.  
STEP #2     Analysis
Dr. Augustine – and not an assistant -- personally reviews and analyzes all your test results.
Through this analysis, the DNA Uprint enables us to accurately and rapidly identify the underlying root cause of your most pressing health issues – conditions that can produce the debilitating symptoms, lack of energy, inflammation, and chronic pain that may be causing you to suffer needlessly.

Your pain, fatigue, and other chronic symptoms can be triggered by a number of issues including food sensitivities … cellular damage from prolonged proximity to electromagnetic fields … hidden effects of past exposure to bacteria, parasites, chemicals, toxins, and viral infection … and so much more.

In short, the most important factors determining your overall health – including how you feel, how often you get sick, what you’re doing right and wrong, and what’s likely causing the symptoms you are challenged with right now.
STEP #3     Results and Recommendations
Once we have and review your DNA Uprint results, we’ll contact you to set up your personal one-on-one phone consultation with Dr. Augustine -- usually within 7 days or sooner.

During your private consultation, Dr. Augustine will review the findings, explain what they mean, and help you determine any action you need to take to enjoy optimal health and wellness.

Your consultation with Dr. Augustine takes 45 to 60 minutes. When did  a doctor last spend that much time with you?

You get a whole-body profile of how well all your systems are functioning both separately and together. This systemic analysis enables us to design a personalized plan to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.
The DNA Uprint is NOT Another “Band-AidApproach
that covers up the symptoms without identifying the underlying problem.
Rather, it’s a total solution that quickly and accurately gets to the root causes of what’s making you unwell, robbing you of energy, and triggering your chronic symptoms. So you can finally stop suffering and feel a whole lot better!

And do you remember that old little ditty that began, “The knee bone is connected to the thigh bone; the thigh bone is corrected to the hip bone”?

Well, it contains a powerful truth: You cannot just look at one organ or system. That’s why the DNA Uprint analyzes the 11 major systems in the illustration -- and how they work together synergistically in your body.

Could This be The KEY to Optimal Health for Life?
Did you know the most common cause of pain and disease in your body is inflammation?

An article in the medical journal EMBO Reports notes: “An increasing body of evidence shows that chronic inflammation causes and advances many common diseases.”

Inflammation is a swelling of tissue, nerves, organs, and other cells. Much of the inflammation we suffer is caused by food sensitivities. Infection and injury can also cause tissue to become inflamed.

The effects of inflammation vary depending on where in the body it takes place. For instance, if the inflammation is in your nasal passages, you can have trouble breathing. Spinal inflammation can press on your nerves, causing extreme pain in your back, shoulders, and legs. Inflammation in your joints can produce fluid retention, swelling, pain, and lack of mobility.

And that’s where the DNA Uprint Test can help, by...

…accurately determining your sensitivity to these
200 inflammation-triggering foods!
There are 200 foods that cause inflammation and illness in the vast majority of human beings.

They include certain types of fish…vegetables…fruits…nuts…beans…seeds…oils…grains…sweets…herbs…spices…condiments… meats…poultry…additives…preservatives…dairy…and beverages.

One of the most powerful features of the DNA Uprint is that it accurately tests and identifies any sensitivities YOU may have for these 200 foods!

That way, you can reduce your intake, or preferably cut out altogether, these foods from your diet.

By doing so, you eliminate inflammation – and the chronic health conditions of which inflammation is a primary cause!

Aristotle said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

The DNA Uprint lets you know which foods should be your medicine – and which you should avoid like the plague.

Patients Praise Dr. Augustine and His 
DNA Uprint!
And, as you can read below, our patients across the country have enjoyed significant benefits by following the results on their DNA Uprint...
“Lost 17 pounds”
“Dr. Augustine did a DNA Uprint Test. He found issues my body was experiencing as well as various food sensitivities. I not only feel so much better, but people are noticing the 17 pounds I have already lost. I have much more energy and am finally sleeping.” 
--Marilyn G., MI
“Gluten tremors gone”
"I found out through the food sensitivity testing that I am gluten-intolerant. I had a tremor when I started the program. If I do not use gluten, the tremor is gone.”
--Grace F., NY
“Decreased inflammation”
“The doctor I see for sleep apnea was amazed to see the decrease in inflammation in my nasal passage. My joints are less stiff after sitting and I have lost 8 pounds so far – clear signs that my health is improving.”
--Marlene H., IN
“I feel great again”
“In just 51 days, I improved all my markers, lost 22 inches and 31 pounds, and I feel great again. The best news is I am back playing golf and hitting the ball 20 yards longer.”
--David M.
“Down 4 pant sizes in 9 weeks”
“I feel like a completely new person. I am down 34 pounds, 36 inches, and a total of 4 pant sizes in just 9 short weeks. I couldn’t be happier.”
--Chelsea H., NY
“The most energy I’ve had in months”
“This is the most energy I have had in months. I have energy left over, even after working a busy craft show. Even my thoughts seem clearer. Thank you.”
--Tamera T., IN
“Migraines gone!”
“I came to Dr. Augustine with migraine headaches and low energy. My energy has increased 10 fold, and I have not had one headache since I’ve started.”
--Maggie J., NY
“Healthy new hair growth!”
“I found foods that I was sensitive to; I have been avoiding them and I feel fantastic. My hair stylist told me my fly-away hairs are actually healthy new hair growth!”
--Ronnette R., NY
“Edema gone!”
“This experience with DNA Uprint has been very interesting. I have seen the edema in my ankles disappear.”
--Diane K., IA
“So much energy!”
“The treatment has been the most individualized service I have ever received from a medical professional. After my first remedies, I had so much energy I could not believe it. I lost 7 pounds in 4 days.”
--Deborah H., NY
“No more diabetes or thyroid symptoms”
“I now have no trace of diabetes, my thyroid levels are where they should be, and for the first time in about 40 years my body index is normal.”
--Carolyn H., NY
And dozens more on file….
Get Started Today for Just $298!
The skyrocketing cost of health care in America is so out of control today that it makes my blood boil!

Did you know that Americans spend a staggering $3 trillion on healthcare every year?

Or that the average American spends a whopping $9,596 on their health care annually?

The average cost for a one-day inpatient day at a nonprofit hospital in the U.S. is $2,346.

Your healthy has value. And often can cost a small fortune to treat and maintain!

But now, with my DNA Uprint, you can finally get to the root of – and alleviate -- your chronic symptoms.

So you can take action to correct them … rapidly and affordably – for 3 easy payments of just $298 each.

However, I urge you to hurry. This special easy payment plan is for a limited time only. And once it expires, it may never be repeated again.

And there’s one more thing you need to know about this money-saving offer. It’s...

Our Ironclad 3-Part Guarantee of Satisfaction
Your unconditional satisfaction with our DNA Uprint is fully assured by our 100% risk-free guarantee:
#1: “I’ve Changed My Mind” Guarantee 
You get your DNA Uprint Kit in the mail – and you change your mind.

For whatever reason, you’ve decided that the DNA Uprint is something you don’t want to do right now.

No problem. Just return the DNA Uprint Test Kit unused to us within 30 days. We’ll refund your money in full, without question or quibble.
#2: “I’m Not Confident in The Results” Guarantee 
We guarantee the DNA Uprint Test will accurately analyze your individual biochemistry, health, and food sensitivities.

If after having your consultation and reviewing the results, you are not 100% convinced the DNA Uprint has performed accurately, just let us know.

We’ll rush another DNA Uprint Kit to you for free. So you can repeat the test. And then we’ll analyze the results to this second test – absolutely FREE of charge. No cost to you.
#3: “I Didn’t Learn Anything Useful From The Results” Guarantee 
It hasn’t happened yet. But although the chances are remote, it is theoretically possible that one or more of our test users are in such perfect health that the DNA Uprint reveals no problems whatsoever …and therefore they learn nothing useful from the test results.

If that’s the case for you, and the DNA Uprint Test has been of no value, just let us know within 90 days of getting your results. We’ll give you a full refund of the entire fee. That way, you risk nothing. And you confirmed that you’re in great health with the DNA Uprint Test – on our dime. What could be fairer than that?
Take a Lead from Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and 
Mayo Clinic.
Get Your Personalized Health Plan TODAY!
With your completed DNA Uprint test results, you’ll have the personalized profile of your body chemistry – a whole-body profile of the 11 major systems in your body and and how well they are working together. .

The result: a uniquely individualized personal health plan that can help you:

  • Increase your energy.
  • ​Sleep soundly through the night. 
  • ​Super-charge your immune system. 
  • ​Improve your mood. 
  • ​Enhance memory and eliminate brain fog.
  • Aid digestion to banish gas and constipation.
  • ​Lose weight and shed belly fat. 
  • ​Lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. 
  • ​Balance your blood sugar. 
  • ​Boost your wellness and longevity.
Wouldn’t you like to know exactly what you have to do to stay in peak health, remain in good shape, and feel a whole lot better and more energetic?
Of course you would – and DNA Uprint can give you the answers in short order!
(And see my P.P.S. below to find out why you should do this NOW...)
So what are you waiting for?
To order your DNA Uprint Test Kit today … and take your first big step on the road to optimal lifetime health … call today at 716-773-4707. Or just click below now. I promise you’ll be glad you did:

Dr. Kevin Augustine, Founder, Health Solutions Plus
Creator of The DNA Uprint
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P.P.S. EMF Health Warning! Do you carry a smartphone in your purse or shirt pocket, or a laptop or tablet in a case, or do you wear wireless earbuds or a smartwatch?

If so, then I urge you to take the DNA Uprint Test right away. This one test alone can turn your entire life around!

Reason: virtually all wireless, portable, and mobile devices emit electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.

EMF has been proven beyond question to affect human biology in general and cellular growth in particular.

The DNA Uprint Test accurately reveals whether your current or past exposure to EMF from any source had had a harmful effect.

The biological changes caused by EMF can be exacerbated by continued long-term exposure.

So if you use a smartphone or other mobile device … or live anywhere near overhead power transmission lines…

…I urge you to click below, order the DNA Uprint, and determine the effects (if any) your EMF exposure may have caused.  Just click below now to get started, or call today at 716-773-4707:

The DNA Uprint
Are these your questions?
Q: "Does my insurance cover the cost of the DNA Uprint?"

A: The DNA Uprint Test is not covered by Medicare or major insurance carriers. 
Q: "I tried other health programs and testing in the past. How is DNA Uprint different?"

A: The DNA Uprint is unique in that it is an in-depth and utterly thorough analysis of your personal body chemistry, yielding a whole-body profile of how well all systems in your body are functioning both separately and together. It is only with this systemic analysis can we design a personalized plan to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. 
Q: "Can my doctor order the DNA Uprint for me?"

A: It is not necessary for you to have a prescription from your physician to get the DNA Uprint Test. You can order the Kit and Test directly online here. You can of course share the results with your doctor, and we encourage you to do so.
Q: "How do I know the DNA Uprint Test will work for me?"

A: The DNA Uprint Test is highly reliable. However, if you are not 100% confident in your results, we will rerun the test a second time free, at our expense.
A portion of the money from the DNA Uprint is donated to World Vision, a humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities in nearly 100 countries to help them reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

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